Helen Reardon


You can contact Helen on chair@cardiffbeekeepers.co.uk

Dinah Sweet


Annie Newsam


You can contact Annie on secretary@cardiffbeekeepers.co.uk

Peter Shaw


You can contact Peter on treasurer@cardiffbeekeepers.co.uk

Barbara Williams

Apiary Manager: Dyffryn Gardens

You can contact Barbara on Barbara@cardiffbeekeepers.co.uk

Harold Williams

Apiary Manager: Dyffryn Gardens

Rhodri Powell

Rhodri Powell

Committee Member

Rhodri has always had an interest in the natural environment and became in a beekeeper in 2008 as a hobby. He manages 10 + colonies, and is an active member of the association. Rhodri manages the association website and is also the South Wales representative for Bee Craft.

You can contact Rhodri on rhodri@cardiffbeekers.co.uk