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How to guides

Here you will find many ‘how to’ guides, leaflets and YouTube videos.

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Subjects include honey harvest, swarming, Bees for Development, anaphylaxis and photographing bees.

Stewart's Beekeeping Basics

Beebase Advisory Leaflets

  • Asian Hornet ID Sheet pdf  & ID Poster pdf;

  • Managing Varroa pdf (Last updated January 2020);

  • Small Hive Beetle pdf (Last updated April 2017);

  • Foulbrood Disease of Honey Bees pdf (Last updated April 2017);

  • Tropilaelaps: Parasitic Mites of Honey Bees pdf (Last updated April 2017);

  • Starting Right with Bees pdf (Last updated December 2016) ;

  • Statutory Procedures Advisory Leaflet pdf (Last updated June 2017) ;

  • Contingency Planning Procedures Leaflet pdf (Last updated November 2017);

  • Common Pests, Diseases and Disorders of the Adult Honey Bee pdf (Last updated June 2017) ;

  • The National Bee Unit pdf (Last updated May 2009) – Please note this leaflet is only available as a pdf

Honey Labelling, Weights and Hygiene

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