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Joining Us



Membership cost -


Up to 3 hives -  £20

4 to 5 hives - £22

6 to 10 hives - £24.70

11 to 15 hives - £27.75

16 to 20 hives - £29.50

21 to 25 hives - £31.10

26 to 30 hives - £33,60

31 to 35 hives - £36.10

36 to 39 hives - £38.10


BDI Scheme B is for beekeepers with more than 39 colonies. This should be arranged directly with Sharon Blake at BDI at


Cardiff Vale and Valleys have ONE category of membership. A registered member is a full indirect member of the Wales Beekeepers Association (WBKA) with all the agreed benefits including Bee Disease Insurance (BDI) and product and public liability insurance. You will also be able to attend regular member meetings, our annual honey show, out-apiary events in the summer months, and regular webinars PLUS you will receive a printed or electronic copy of Welsh Beekeeper magazine.


  • A registered member must be 18 years of age or older.

  • The registered member must have their name on any product sold to receive product insurance coverage.


All memberships run from January 1st to December 31st.


You may add the following to a registered member account:

  1. Partner member ONE person living at the same address as the registered beekeeper and helping to manage the same apiary of bees. Partner members will be covered by WBKA third-party public and product insurance and will be able to access assessment modules and courses through the WBKA. You will also be able to attend CVVBKA member meetings and webinars. There is a £6 charge for a partner member.

  2. Junior members – members who are 17 years or younger who manage bee colonies totally under the supervision of a registered CVVBKA member. Junior members can take the junior assessment which will enable them to be eligible to be selected for any Welsh team events, such as IMYB. There is no charge to add junior members.


Notes for allotment members :

  • All the allotment beekeepers must be a member of our association, or your public and product liability may be invalid.


The standard level of registered membership includes BDI for up to and including 3 colonies. If you have additional colonies, then top-up cover can be purchased on a number of colonies basis. Please select the appropriate option when purchasing.


All colonies must have insurance. This includes hives, nuclei and hived swarms. If you are expecting to increase your colonies, please allow for this as under-insuring may invalidate your policy.

If any membership payment is made after March 31st, your insurance coverage will not commence until 40 days after the date of payment.


When you fill in your forms to become a member of our association, you will be asked if you would like your details to be sent directly to Beebase. BeeBase is a valuable beekeeping resource maintained by the National Bee Unit (NBU). In addition to providing information to beekeepers, it maintains a voluntary register of beekeepers in the UK. This register enables the regional and seasonal bee inspectors to know where beekeepers and their apiaries are located and allows them to make contact in the case of a disease outbreak. If you permit your data to be transferred, we will only give them your name, address, email address and telephone number. If you do not want your contact details to be given to BeeBase, please tick the relevant box on the form. BeeBase will contact you for any further information that they may need. Please be aware that CVVBKA recommends that all members register with BeeBase.


All information held by CVVBKA and BeeBase is fully GDPR compliant.

Payment is online only and is accessed via the Members page. 

You will need to register/login in order to view the Members page.

Play the video below to see how to become a member of the association. 

The button marked "Members" at the bottom will take you to the Member page where you can start the process.

Or you can choose the option in the menu at the top of this page.

Any problems contact

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